Creative. Photography. Marketing. Technology.

Frank Teichman was born in Highland Park, New Jersey. He currently works in the technology and services industry, and has been involved in IT, Design, Technology, and Marketing for over 20 years.

His work represents a conscious and deliberate effort to shatter the perception of an otherwise well adjusted and cheerful extrovert — whose love of puppies, sunshine, and rainbows are antithetically challenged by digitally manipulated pieces of superfluous macabre/horror.

He has seen Metallica perform 18 times live in concert, owns a Fender Stratocaster he can’t play, and, despite his carefully crafted contrarian aesthetic, has both an extensive collection of black hoodies & arglye sweaters. He proudly purchased every Mariah Carey album released between 1990 and 1997.

He currently resides in the NYC area with his wife Stephanie, their daughters Penelope and Isla, and dog, Olive.